Warning: Hip Replacement

Devices Linked to Serious Injury

Over the past five years serious dangers linked to hip replacement devices have come to light.  Hip replacement surgery has become increasingly more common due to an active aging population and development of different types of hip implant devices. Close to 1 million of these surgeries have been performed over the past several years. These surgeries include total hip replacement, partial replacement and hip resurfacing. Unfortunately, many patients developed dangerous medical injuries and required additional surgeries as a result of unsafe and defective hip implant products. Warnings have been issued by the FDA and products recalled.

Complications and Injuries Include:


  • Metal Blood Poisoning (Metallosis)

  • Dislocation

  • Bone Fracture

  • Device Loosening


  • Swelling & Pain

  • Infection

  • Nerve & Muscle Damage

  • Need for Additional Surgery

Have you or someone you know been injured by a defective hip implant?

Medical studies have found that orthopedic hip replacement devices can cause serious injuries. For years patients and medical professionals have alerted the FDA about the dangers of many of these products. These serious safety issues have caused manufactures to issue warnings about and even pull from the market some of these products. Many of these medical implants are said to be defectively designed resulting in injury to many patients. Legal claims have been filed nationwide in the United States by injured individuals.

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